Red Stitch

With Christina O’Neil, Paul Ashcroft, Renaud Momtbrun and Tariro Mavondo

Role: Set and Costume Designer

Director: Denny Lawrence

Set Design: Jacob Battista

Lighting Design: Clare Springett

Sound Design & Composers: Chris Wenn

Costume Design: Jacob Battista

Photos: Jacob Battista, Jodie Hutchinson

Quotes from Reviews:

“As usual, Red Stitch set design is superb. Jacob Battista, a visionary, has pulled together a completely new look for the minimalist stage, and it works flawlessly, especially at the climax of the play.” – Corina Thorose – The Blurb

“Jacob Battista’s set is quite remarkable for such a tiny space. One wonders about roughly 25% of the working area being taken up by an unseen bathroom, but all doubts are dispelled by the stunning penultimate scene.” – Coral Drouyn – Stage Whispers

“Jacob Battista’s set and Claire Springett’s lighting make clever use of the tiny space.” – Byron Bache  – Herald Sun

“The set [Jacob Battista] and lighting [Clare Springett] don’t get in the way, and come into their own in the penultimate scene.” – Tim Byrne – Australian Arts Review

“The stage is beautifully set up as a pretty apartment, yet very small and confined. The lace curtains and large panel windows give us the flavour of Paris, very likely it is a room in a central, city location.” – Lisa Romeo – Toorak Times

“The play is naturalistic in style and this production employs a set which nicely creates the feel of a tiny Parisian bijou.” – Liza Dezfouli – ArtsHub