Guys and Dolls
Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls


Role: Set Designer

Director: Tyler Hess

Musical Director: Danny Forward

Choreographer: Craig Wiltshire

Lighting Design: Jason Bovaird

Costume Designer: Tyler Hess/Hazel Green

Photos: Craig Whiltshire

Quotes from Reviews:

The first step of revitalization is obvious when one enters the theatre. Across the stage are high edge-lit letters which spell out ‘G-U-Y-S-D-O-L-L-S’. At the opening, the ‘G’ swings around to reveal a barbershop; at the end of the scene, the ‘G’ swings back & then later appears as part of the set of another scene. All the letters work this way, providing minimal set changes, but with maximum effect. The dressing of stagehands as cast members made those changes almost completely unobtrusive, all a great credit to Jacob Battista set designer, and his team. – Bill Watts – 3WBC