The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

Babirra Music Theatre

Role: Set Designer

Director: Neil Goodwin

Musical Director: Phil Osborne

Choreographer: Di Crough

Lighting Design: Jason Bovaird

Costume Designer: Ann Hubard

Photos: Gavin D – Bluesteel Photo Graphics

Quotes from Reviews:

“The innovative and imaginative way in which the Set Designer Jacob Battista and the Production team set the entire production brought the audience right into the action of the show and further accentuated the dramatic effects of cavernous spaces and falling chandeliers.” – Bill Watts, 3WBC

“The next star of this show is the set (and the crew that moves it). Although it was opening night and I’m sure there was problems back stage, from the front the massive scene changes seemed to work very well. Jacob Battista’s set is beautiful, realistic and oozes money, elegance and class.” –  Bryce Baumgarten, Theatrepeople