Therese Raquin
Therese Raquin

Therese Raquin

Therese Raquin

Dirty Pretty Theatre

Role: Set  Designer

Director: Gary Abrahams

Costume Design: Chloe Greeves

Lighting Design: Katie Sfetkidis

Photos: Lachlan Woods

Quotes from Reviews:

“The presentation is charming, with a proscenium curtain of red velvet, excellent costumes and a convincingly cramped Parisian apartment with a few colourful surprises under the floorboards.” – Andrew Furhmann (Crikey – Daily Review)

“All elements of the theatre play their part: the elaborate costumes, an ensemble performance that seems somehow etched into time and space, the set’s eerie etiolations (including an inventive coup de theatre for the murder scene) and the caged earworm of Christopher de Groot’s composition, played live on stage.” – Cameron Woodhead (The Age)

“Jacob Battista’s innovative set here is to be applauded. It is amazing what a bit of dry ice and a paddle can evoke when the acting is so good. Battista’s rendering of the Parisian flat with its damp looking corners, its cold bedroom and well-placed doors for the clandestine exits, evokes the era so well. The wonderful glass wall and ceiling begs the outside world to peer into the flat and perhaps stop the ugliness from occurring.” – Ian Nott (TheatrePeople)

“Jacob Battista has created a terrific set with limited resources (the transition to the river is particularly impressive)” – Coral Drouyn (Stage Whispers)

“All are supported by a design (Jacob Battista: set, Katie Sfetkidis: lighting) that create a claustrophobic Paris flat that feels both light and gloomy and transforms to a water-filled lake with a touch of simple genius.” – SometimeMelbourne