Out Of The Water
Out Of The Water

Out Of The Water

Out of the Water

Red Stitch

With Kate Cole, Brett Cousins & Emily Milledge

Role: Set Designer

Director: Nadia Tass

Set Design: Jacob Battista and Andrew Bellchambers

Lighting Design: Jason Bovaird

Sound Design & Composers: Russell Goldsmith & Daniel Nixon

Costume Design: Rebecca Dunn

Photos: David Parker, Jacob Battista, Jodie Hutchinson

Quotes from Reviews:

“Jacob Battista’s set design is near flawless as he conveys a funeral parlour, a bar, a train, an apartment and numerous cars all within a selectively lit space. Battista has observed the minutiae here, using flickering lights and thrown shadows to portray different surroundings and various locations.The walls are painted a murky blue, adding to the overall sense of melancholia that exists within the story.  Brief scenes followed by even briefer set changes allow the story to undulate naturally, taking the audience on a sad and almost predictable journey.” – Corina Thorose – The Blurb

“The set, by Andrew Bellchambers and Jacob Battista is stark and simple in deep blues, and is an effective use of the tiny stage at Red Stitch.” – Ben Neutze – Crikey

“The set changes are rapid and incredibly realistic” – Christopher Talbot – St Kilda News