Rust and Bone
Rust and Bone

Rust and Bone

Rust and Bone

La Mama & Daniel Clarke

Role: Set and Costume Designer

Director: Daniel Clarke

Set Design: Jacob Battista

Lighting Design: Richard Varbre

Costume Design: Jacob Battista & Daniel Clarke

Sound Design: Chris Wenn

Quotes from Reviews:

“Battista’s wood and opaque, perspex design provides a stark, icy platform for the action and Clarke uses its in-the-round design to give the audience intimate and sometimes disquieting proximity to the characters.” – Kate Herbert – Herald Sun

“Jacob Battista​’s set is a glass-topped platform in the centre of the Courthouse space, the arena for these fights internal and external. The glass is cracked, like the ice that plays a transformative part in Eddie’s story, and like an idea of maleness that leaves its participants no secure place to stand.” – Owen Richardson – The Age