Songs for a New World
Songs for a New World

Songs for a New World

Songs for a New World


Role: Set and Costume Designer

Director: Luke Joslin

Set Design: Jacob Battista

Lighting Design: Peter Amesbury

Costume Design: Jacob Battista

Photos: Ben Fon

Quotes from Reviews:

“For a collection of songs, the set – designed by Jacob Battista – is quite evocative. The deck of a ship is basically called for in the second song, but this ship is graffitied with the names and dates of characters we will meet throughout the show.” – Aussie Theatre– Keith Gow

“Part of the praise for realising Joslin’s vision must go to Jacob Battista, whose design is as close to perfect as one could ever hope for in terms of atmosphere, illusion, and fitting the space. The multi-levelled deck of a Spanish sailing ship in 1492, with old trunks and boxes containing everything that is needed for the storytelling to come, is simply brilliant; and when a trunk is upended to become a cross; a grave marker above the American flag we have seen being sewn, past, present and future conjoin to make us all part of that journey. The little bits of graffiti painted on the boat, seemingly inconsequential, turn out to be signposts to the people we meet who share their stories. It’s all beautifully realised and very classy.” – Stage Whispers – Coral Drouyn

“Taking inspiration from the concept of travelling to New World, which is specifically referenced in the second song, “On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship, 1492,” designer Jacob Battista has created the appealing visuals of a ghostly ship’s deck. At first, the relic appears to have been subjected to graffiti, but as the show progresses, the scrawlings are seen to be the character names, places and years of each song. The setting provides an interesting array of levels, and props are cleverly contained in the ship’s battered crates.” “Battista’s costumes connect the cast with the audience. Each singer wears comfortable, dark, cozily warm clothing, with a change during interval for variety.” – Simon Parris