Jumpers For Goalposts
Jumpers For Goalposts

Jumpers For Goalposts

Jumpers For Goalposts

Red Stitch

With Kate Cole/Ella Caldwell, Johnathan Peck, Ray Chong Nee, Paul Denny & Rory Kelly

Role: Set and Costume Designer

Director: Tom Healey

Set Design: Jacob Battista

Lighting Design: Clare Springett

Costume Design: Jacob Battista

Photos: Jodie Hutchinson

Quotes from Reviews:

“a delightfully depressing design by Jacob Battista” – Herald Sun – Byron Bache

“The set and costumes designed by Jacob Battista were fantastic – the locker room in which the entire play takes place really belonged on a dodgy estate in England’s northeast.” – TheatrePress.com.au – Caitlin McGrane

“The design [Jacob Battista] is spot on, the walls scratched with the graffiti of teams long past.” – TimeOut Melbourne 

“Jacob Battista created the appropriately colourful costume and stage design. The single set is a grubby sports club changing room, perfectly suited to each episode’s post match victory or indeed, post mortem.” – TheatrePeople – Nick Pilgrim

“The plot, the directing, the lighting, the costume, and the set were all remarkably realistic.” – MelbArtsFash – Zeynep Incur