Love, Love, Love
Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love

Red Stitch

With Ella Caldwell, Paul Ashcroft, Rory Kelly and Jordan Fraser-Tumble, Jem Nicholis

Role: Set Designer

Director: Denny Lawrence

Set Design: Jacob Battista

Lighting Design: Clare Springett

Costume Design: Sophie Woodward

Photos:  Jodie Hutchinson

Quotes from Reviews:

The costumes by Sophie Woodward and set design by Jacob Battista are appealing and well-presented.” – Theatrepress – Myron My

Jacob Battista’s set is both functional and nicely measured, making excellent use of the tiny space.”– Stage Whispers – Coral Drouyn 

As usual, Red Stitch manages the tiny theatre space enormously well. Sets and set changes are clever and effective, suggesting the world outside the stage, and conveying time and place economically” – Arts Hub – Kate Kingsmill