True West
True West

True West

True West

Matchstick Theatre

Role: Set and Costume Designer

Director: Alice Darling

Set Design: Jacob Battista

Lighting Design: Clare Springett

Costume Design: Jacob Battista

Sound Design: Justin Gardam

Quotes from Reviews:

“Jacob Battista, who put together the beautiful set in a way that could be slowly destroyed quite spectacularly, was also responsible for the costuming. While I felt that the homeless look for Lee was a bit much for the character, especially the rope belt, the rest of the costuming was spot-on in creating a sense of middle America in the late 70s/early 80s..” – Theatre Press

“Jacob Battista’s set and costume design really grounds the production; this is 1970s America, with the decor and fake grass to match. The set is naturalistic almost to a fault, but with the right moving parts so we can watch time and destruction wear away at the family home.” – Keith Gow