Melbourne Theatre Company

With Kat Stewart, Heide Arena, Simon Maiden, William McKenna & Deidre Rubenstein

Role: Set Designer

Director: Gary Abrahams

Set Design: Jacob Battista Costume Design: Kat Chan

Lighting Design: Amelia Lever-Davidson

Composer: James Henry

Sound Design: Dan Nixon

Photos: Jeff Busby

Quotes from Reviews:

But for me, it is the stage that takes the cake with set designer Jacob Battista utilising every inch of the relatively small Southbank Theatre Stage with an intricately detailed, revolving set consisting of a fully kitted out Admissions office on one side, a fully functional kitchen and living space in the other, complete with a working kitchen sink. Yup, Battista thought of everything, even the kitchen sink. Not to mention the large staircase leading up to Charlie’s bedroom. Even the void of side of stage was filled in with rows of bookshelves. Definitely one of the better sets I have seen in a long time.– Grant Alexander – Lilitha Reviews

The staging, too, is a work of real craftsmanship by Jacob Battista. Rows of library books line shelves on either side of a rotating stage, upon which are positioned three large sets. There is Sherri’s wood panelled office, the Masons’ modern kitchen and their living room, complete with steep staircase.” – Alex First – The Blurb